Riverside Community Bank has been a part of the greater Rockford community since 1995, a community bank serving both individuals and local businesses. Staffed by friends and neighbors with many years of experience, Riverside is committed to make a difference in the communities we serve. 
Riverside offers you friendly, exceptional service and great banking products. As a customer, you will have the unique opportunity to develop a relationship with banking professionals who really care about you. We take pride in giving our customers the very best banking experience possible. 
Mission Statement 
Board of Directors 
Riverside Community Bank is a subsidiary of Heartland Financial USA, Inc., a $5.9 billion financial services company dedicated to the principles of community banking: Community involvement, an active board of directors, local presidents and local decision making. 

Steve Ward 
President & CEO 
(815) 637-7015 

Jeff Hultman 
Executive Vice President 
(815) 637-7007 

Bill Brenner 
Vice Chairman 
(815) 637-7020 

Marsha Abramson 
Vice President  
(815) 484-7545 
NMLS ID#: 539804 

Pam Topper 
Market President 
Rock Falls, Sterling, Seaton  
(815) 718-6101 

Amy Brewer 
Vice President  
Commercial Banking Team Leader 
(815) 484-7509 

Dennis Roop 
Vice President 
Commercial Lending Team Leader 
(815) 637-7008 

Gina Caruana 
Vice President 
Retail Sales Manager 
(815) 654-8038 
NMLS ID#: 503078 

Pat Young 
Vice President 
(815) 637-700 
NMLS ID#: 539816 

Rusti Swanson 
Vice President 
Underwriting Manager 
(815) 637-7864 

Robin Arco 
Vice President 
Treasury Management Officer 
(815) 637-7028   

Tracy Richter 
Vice President 
Private Banking Manager 
(815) 637-7860 
NMLS ID#: 539812 


Gregory Loos 
Vice President 
Financial Consultant  
(815) 637-7027  

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